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Ways to Keep Dogs Safe During the Day

Dog owners without a fenced in backyard may find it difficult to leave the animal inside all day. Dogs can cause damage to belongings by chewing up the furniture, knocking things off shelves and tables, and tearing up clothing. They can also cause damage to themselves by swallowing large items, drinking or eating harmful chemicals, or suffering from an injury. There are several alternatives to leaving the dog free to roam around the living space. Daycare for dogs are plentiful, especially in big cities. Hours of operation and rates vary, so compare places before arranging for services. This option can be expensive, but it does ensure the dog is safe, gets walked, and has company.

Hiring a dog walker is another viable option. Professionals arrive and bring the dog for a walk at specific points during the day. It may be once in the early afternoon, or every few hours, depending on the business. The dog gets exercise, fresh air, and an opportunity to relieve themselves. If the dog has gotten into anything harmful, the walker can remove the danger. The walker will most likely be responsible for several dogs at one time so be sure the lead purchased is strong and secure to avoid the dog running away.

One option that is more cost-effective is purchasing a strong dog crate and crate training the dog. The dog will be in a confined space while feeling comfortable and secure. The success of using a crate depends on the type of crate purchased. Help selecting the right crate can be found online at the Best Dog Crate Guide site. Regular crates are fine for puppies and small breeds, but are made of wire and will not hold a large, powerful, or clever dog. Escape proof crates are designed to hold large and active dogs. It is important to realize that a cheap crate, even if advertised to be escape proof, will have to be replaced often. It is better to spend a bit more on a higher-quality crate that will last a long time. The Best Dog Crate Guide recommends brands for every budget.

In addition to high security crates, the Best Dog Crate Guide provides information regarding the best puppy crates, dog crate reviews, best dog kennel recommendations, and heavy-duty plastic playpens for dogs. The success of any crate is directly related to the extent of crate training prior to leaving the dog home alone. Crate training is faster if the dig is a puppy, but adult dogs can be crate trained as well. Begin the process while at home to monitor how the dog reacts to the crate and begins to acclimate. It may take a week or longer but steps to take and helpful tips are available on the site.

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